You joined dots unlimited radio streaming . .. … …. ….. Here only the Sound is king and able to set the rules. Let the fre[e]quencies work, stay on air & keep an ear out for the evolution. 24/7, going with the flow.



 SLEEP ROOMS [00.00 – 06.00]

Along the lines of a typical sleep concert, Sleep Rooms is the most intimate and deep dots unlimited radio area.
All night long from midnight, a sedative-seductive oasis where you can find all sonorities and kinds of anodyne music that don’t emphasize the rhythm.
Made for your own “chill-in” and outellectual moments.

 OPEN DOT [06.00 – 10.00]

The evolute human wakes up and finds a delightful and ready-made open space of electronica, idm, psychedelia and other fresh genres for his/her aural breakfast. As long as the dot goes high in the sky, the intensity of the sound and dynamics will grow. A natural experimental crescendo.

 HOT DOT [10.00 – 12.00]

The Dot goes fast at the zenith.
Rhythm is at its acme and frequencies rapidly express all the power. Wherever you are, the atmospheres are full of noises of every nature and origin.
A focus in details on the non-mainstream audio landscapes, exploring the hot side of sound research worldwide.

 DOTSPRESSIONISM [12.00 – 16.00]

Four hours of dots unlimited radio’s flow entirely dedicated to the promotion of all the new netlabel releases and to the huge amount of “out of catalogue” unknown artists of the planet. Within the next future also interviews, conferences and whatever concerning the “no copyright” and free/creative music’s context are planned.

 DOT NEWS [16.00 – 18.00]

Ambitious project: creating a webradio cooperation with the netlabels and set up a daily radio list of all the new fresh material, that has to be published style by style and in the most possible complete way. The list will be long but the end result is gonna be a high quality radio program not yet existing in any alternative music scene.

 COLD DOT [18.00 – 20.00]

Now you can take off your shoes.
Rhythms now are slow and low. Time to abandon yourself to the utmost immersive harmonies and distinct sensations of emptiness that dots unlimited radio can dedicate to the listeners. In the background, an undistinct B-side feel can stimulate the synaptic area. Enjoy.

 CLOSED DOT [20.00 – 00.00]

The last program of the day is the most philosophically synthetic one, since the sound is harsh, raw, jarring, somewhat melancholic, the perfect prototype of a mentality in constant evolution. Diving in the past to rediscover all the sophisticated noises in our memory and re-elaborate them in a continuous flow into the future.


The 2nd dots unlimited radio channel is entirely dedicated to all the kinds of “live/outdoor” experimental music from concerts to dj sets, sessions , performances , happenings and whatever it might concern.

24 hours a day,  plenty of inspiration for the insiders and a chance for simple listeners to follow the continuous stream of unknown releases or unreleased material…that’s the only channel of the radio where all netlabel artists can upload their gigs, even in superextended versions format that may last hours.

 #D.I.Y. MIX

The 3rd channel is quite similar to the previous one, but following just the home-made dimension, so, an “indoor” version of Live Set Channel.

In here, all the people can upload their own experimental mix, have fun with a webradio test and get a worldwide listen, not just people into the indipendent music world.

All the sound manipulations and alchemies that will be created will automatically obtain a Creative Commons license, so, whether you are an ambitious carneade or a hikikomori, be sure that this is the right place and the right way to promote your sounds.


As the previous two channels have a “musical” concept in their 24/7 flow, this 4th channel goes along with the most classic sense of “non-music”. …Audio portraits and recorded landscapes in hi/fi or lo/fi mode,not official tracks/songs.

Infinite chances, concepts and qualities can be explored and uploaded in this 4th one …remember, you are the one creating this indeterminate area, so, give space to all the imagination you have.

And for the listeners….enjoy the Sound.


Last but not the least… this 5th channel is an attempt to give the right tribute to the main character of dots unlimited radio…. The Human Being.

Poetry, Philosophy, Daily Life, Spoken Word, Random Thoughts, Inventions,  Alien Messages, Cosmic Delusions …. a melting pot of whatever.

Let it come out! You are welcome anytime. No filters.


Channel dedicated to composers and enthusiasts of Trackers music, born in 1987 for Commodore Amiga and later evolved into other platforms. Mostly chiptune sounds at 8bit and vintage sounds for arcades and video games, from the old to the new generation.


Official Creative Commons (CC) channel dedicated to ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Motivational Programs, Relaxation and Sleep Induction through soft and whispered voices, vocal massages, super soft sounds. Whispering, Tapping, Soft Spoken, Mouth Sound, Roleplay, 2D & 3D binaural.