Terms & Conditions

As the name itself says, Dots Unlimited Radio has an unlimited potential for artists and netlabels in Free Promotion.

By registering, you totally agree to the Following Conditions:

  • The artist has to upload ONLY its works and not tracks made by others.
    This material must be free downloadable, in particular it does not have to be in any way copyrighted or covered by previously signed contracts, thus totally free from extra channels or any kind of commercial business: therefore will have to fully reflect the philosophy and Creative Commons spirit.
  • All the netlabels can exclusively upload files from the artists in their catalog. By the way, it will have to be necessarily stored in a free content context, no-copyright and not being released by any other label, or media channel, or any other mainstream-commercial streaming in a perfect CC style.
  • All registered users, in the most categorical way, CANNOT:
    (a) Be offensive to other users,dissing and use name-calling;
    (b) Do propaganda in any term, may it be political, religious or otherwise;
    (c) Inciting blasphemy, terrorism or anything that may harm the moral dignity;
    (d) Loading/spamming pornographic content and/or child pornography;
    (e) Upload documents and private files (individual or other’s) .

The non-compliance of the above conditions will have an end result, that is the immediate cancellation of the user and any content related to it.
You will also be solely responsible because Dots Unlimited Radio will not accept any liability for breaches committed by users, in which case the user who hasn’t complied with the above described terms shall be answered.

Dots Unlimited Radio also undertakes:

  • To not use in any way the material uploaded by users and netlabels for extra purposes other than broadcasting of this web radio.
  • Ensuring the airing of all the loaded material, as available in the timeline.
  • Treat all users equally, without privileges or restrictions.
  • Any variation of terms and conditions will be communicated to all actual registered users.