Hi, a new webradio is about to irradiate its fresh emissions!
Aims and purposes are simple: we need you to make a common dream come true: spread free and creative music throughout the web, being helpful to users as well, being not only a generic and vague flow of frequencies, but as well as a reference point (ooops, dot!) for sound researchers, magazines, insiders in general, or just people interested and connected to these communities. The radio is made in its totality by:
1. Artists/Composers without a copyrighted contract, that may participate even without a netlabel sponsorship, by publishing on the timeline their own track/live set.
2. Netlabels of any non-mainstream kind, almost all of the musical undergrowth and non-academic scenario. If you are into experimental, ambient, freeform, noise, electronica, industrial/power electronics/dark ambient, electroacoustic, minimal music etc, dots unlimited radio is gonna be the ideal launchpad for your production! The procedure for the upload is of course the same.
3. The community of listeners that may creatively interact with the whole radio crew.
4. Sponsors, that materially and economically help the radio broadcasting, programming and being actively operating.